Part:College Life - Lesson 6. Making an Appointment with Your Professor


A: Professor, could I make an appointment with you?
B: I am free tomorrow afternoon between two and four; do you have a particular time in mind?
A: Two o'clock would be the best time.
B: Fine, do you know where my office is?
A: No, I'm not sure.
B: Remember, it is in the E building on the third floor.
A: I see.
B: Don't worry, it will work out fine once you get there. I'll see you then.
A: I'll see you then.
B: Looking forward to meeting with you!


A: Excuse me, Professor, is there a time when I could meet with you?
B: I could meet with you tomorrow anywhere from two until four; what time works out best?
A: I would like to come in at three o'clock.
B: I am glad that that works out; can you find my office?
A: Yes, I can.
B: Just follow the walkway to the outside and climb the stairs to the third floor.
A: I got it.
B: If you do get lost, just ask someone in the building to point the way.
A: Thank you, I'll be there.
B: If you need to cancel your appointment, please give me a call!


A: Professor, do you have a few moments when I could meet with you?
B: I schedule my appointments from two to four on Saturday; what works best for you?
A: Three would be a good time.
B: Great, do you need directions to my office?
A: I'm not sure.
B: Well, just make sure to go through the double doors, and I'll be on the right.
A: OK, I'll find it.
B: It's very easy to find.
A: See you then.
B: I will enjoy seeing you; have a good week!

Part:College Life - Lesson 5. Talking about a Professor

A: Could you tell me if you have ever taken a class from Dr. Miller?
B: Yes. Are you going to be taking a class from him?
A: Yes, but I have never taken his class before.
B: He is very interesting and challenging. Is that what you are looking for?
A: Yes, that's what I need.
B: He is really clear on what you need to learn to get a good grade. Are you willing to study hard?
A: Yes, I guess so.
B: What I really liked about him is that he was an understanding and friendly teacher. Do you enjoy that in a teacher?
A: Yes, I had a teacher like that before.
B: Did you know that he has 20 years teaching experience?
A: No, I didn't, but that could be a good thing.
B: Well, take a look at everything and figure out what is best for you. Good luck!

A: Do you know anything about Dr. Miller's classes?
B: Yes. Are you in his class?
A: I'm thinking of taking his class next semester.
B: He really knew his stuff, but he graded hard. Would that be OK?
A: Yes, I really need someone who is really good.
B: I didn't find it overwhelming to earn a good grade if you work at it. Can you do that?
A: Maybe, but I'm not sure.
B: Man, this guy was so funny when he was teaching. I like that, don't you?
A: No, that stuff isn't important to me.
B: Did you know that he is a fairly new teacher and very current in his field?
A: I don't care about any of that.
B: We all are looking for different things in an instructor. I hope I've helped you.

A: Would you talk to me about taking one of Dr. Miller's classes?
B: Yes. Have you ever been in one of his classes?
A: I'm thinking about taking his class next semester.
B: He was a very easy teacher. Are you thinking of taking a class with him?
A: I'm not sure because I really need to learn something, but I also worry about grades.
B: Grades are important, but don't you think that gaining the knowledge is important, too?
A: I really need to learn this stuff.
B: He made everything so interesting that the time just flew by. Do you know what I mean?
A: Yes, that sounds right for me.
B: Did you know that he came here last year after 10 years in the military?
A: Yeah, I already knew that. That could be a good thing.
B: I think you know that you have to make the best decision for you. Enjoy your year!

Part:College Life - Lesson 4. Buying Textbooks

A: How do I buy my textbooks?
B: Do you have your book list for your class?
A: Yes, I have my list.
B: Fine. Once you have it, you can go to the bookstore. Do you know where that is?
A: Yes, I know where the bookstore is.
B: OK, so once you pass the gym, it's the first door on your left. Do you know you can also sell your used textbooks there?
A: No, I didn't know I could do that.
B: You just take them with you and trade them with the used textbook man just outside the door. Do you think you will be doing that today?
A: Yes, I am going today.
B: Well, if you decide to go, I could meet you over there at 1:00 today or tomorrow to help you. Would that work for you?
A: Yes, thank you. That would be great.
B: Well, then, I'll talk to you later. Have a good day!

A: Where can I buy textbooks?
B: First, you need to have the list of books for your class. Do you have that?
A: Yes, I have that.
B: Well, when you have that, you can take it over to the bookstore. Can you find it?
A: No, I don't know where the bookstore is.
B: Just pass the gym and it's the first door on your left. Were you aware that you can also turn in your old textbooks for money?
A: Really? How can I do that?
B: Take your used textbooks with you and give them to the representative near the entrance. He will pay you for them. Are you going today?
A: No, I can't make it today.
B: I could help you with buying your books if you meet me there at 1:00 today or tomorrow. Would you like my help?
A: No, thanks. I'm good.
B: I'll see you later then. Have a great day!

A: Can you help me buy my textbooks?
B: There will probably be a book list in the bookstore. Do you have your class schedule handy?
A: No, I don't have that.
B: To get started, take that list over to the bookstore. Do you know where the bookstore is?
A: I am not sure where the bookstore is.
B: When you pass the gym, it'll be the first door on the left. Do you know how to sell your old textbooks for money?
A: Yes, I knew I could do that. Exactly how do I go about selling them?
B: If you give your used textbooks to the person at the booth outside the door, he will reimburse you. Can you go over there today?
A: I think maybe I could be there.
B: I am free at 1:00 today or tomorrow if you need some help. Want to meet me over there?
A: Maybe that would work.
B: I'll catch you later then. Have a wonderful morning.

Part:College Life - Lesson 3. Finding a Classroom

A: Could you help me?
B: What do you need?
A: I can't seem to find my class.
B: What building is it in?
A: It's in the C building.
B: Oh, I know exactly where that is.
A: Do you think you can tell me where it is?
B: Sure, what room number is it?
A: It's room number 261.
B: I have a class around there right now.
A: Could you show me where it is?
B: No problem, come on.

A: Excuse me, I need your assistance.
B: Sure, what's up?
A: I have no idea where my class is.
B: Tell me which building it's in.
A: My class is in the C building.
B: I know where the C building is.
A: Do you mind telling me where it is?
B: Of course, which room number is it?
A: Number 261.
B: I actually have a class right around there.
A: Can you please show me?
B: I can do that.

A: Do you mind helping me?
B: What can I help you with?
A: I'm not sure how to find my next class.
B: Do you know what building that it's in?
A: The C building, I think.
B: Well, that's not far away.
A: Could you point me in that direction?
B: Do you know what the room number is?
A: It's C261.
B: My next class is around there.
A: Can you show it to me?
B: Sure, let's go.

Part:College Life - Lesson 2: Meeting New Students

A: Hello, how are you doing?
B: Pretty good, and you?
A: I'm doing great.
B: That's great to hear.
A: So how long have you been going to PCC?
B: I've been going here for a couple years now. You?
A: This is my first year.
B: How do you like it so far?
A: It's all right.
B: You don't like it?
A: I'll like it better once I finish my GE.
B: That's exactly how I used to feel.

A: How are things with you?
B: Not too bad. How about yourself?
A: Not bad.
B: I'm glad to hear that.
A: Have you been going to PCC long?
B: I've only been here two years. How about yourself?
A: I just started this year.
B: Do you like it?
A: It's fine for right now.
B: You do not like it, right?
A: Once I'm finished with my GE, it should get better.
B: I felt the same way my first year.

A: How is everything going with you?
B: Great. You?
A: Pretty good.
B: Good for you.
A: When did you start going to PCC?
B: This is my second year. How about you?
A: I only got here this year.
B: You like it so far?
A: It's OK.
B: I can tell you don't really like it.
A: It'll get better after I finish my General Education.
B: I understand what you mean.

Part:College Life - Lesson 1. Registering for a Class

A: Hello, I need to register for a class.
B: What class are you trying to take?
A: I want to take a Psychology class.
B: Well, there are only two classes open.
A: Can you tell me what days the classes are on?
B: One class is on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
A: And the other class?
B: That class is from ten to twelve on Monday and Wednesday.
A: Are you sure these are the only open classes?
B: Yes, I am sure.
A: Okay, sign me up for the class on Monday and Wednesday.
B: Very well then.

A: I would like to register for a class today.
B: No problem, what class would you like to take?
A: I would very much enjoy taking a Psychology class.
B: There are two classes that are still open.
A: Which days are these classes on?
B: The first class is a Tuesday and Thursday class from two to three.
A: What about the other class?
B: The other class is on Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
A: Are you sure there are no more open classes?
B: I'm positive.
A: Sign me up for Monday and Wednesday.
B: Okay, I'll sign you up.

A: Could you help me to register for a class?
B: Do you know what class you want to take?
A: Are there any Psych classes available?
B: I believe there are still two Psychology classes open.
A: On what days are the classes?
B: There is one class on Tuesday and Thursday from 2 to 4.
A: Can you tell me about the other class?
B: It's from 10-12 on Monday and Wednesday.
A: You're positive that these are the only classes left?
B: These two are the only ones.
A: The class on Monday and Wednesday will be fine.
B: Very good.

Lesson 24. Leave-Taking

A: Well, it was nice talking to you.
B: It was nice talking to you too.
A: We should really hang out again.
B: That would be fun.
A: Where do you want to go?
B: I think we should go out to eat.
A: That sounds good.
B: All right, so I'll see you then.
A: I'll call you later.
B: Okay, I'll talk to you later then.
A: See you later.
B: Bye.

A: I enjoyed talking to you.
B: I enjoyed talking to you too.
A: We should hang out some time.
B: I think that would be nice.
A: Is there anything you would like to do next time?
B: Do you want to go out to eat?
A: I'd like that.
B: So I'll see you next time.
A: I'm going to call you soon.
B: I'll talk to you later.
A: See you soon.
B: Goodbye.

A: I had fun talking to you.
B: It was really nice talking to you also.
A: I think we should really do something sometime.
B: That should be loads of fun.
A: What do you want to do next time?
B: Would you like to go to dinner or something?
A: Yeah, let's do that.
B: Okay, until next time then.
A: I'll call you so we can set that up.
B: Talk to you then.
A: All right, see you.